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If you want to wear the proud uniform of a Union Cavalry soldier or the beautiful hoop dress of a mid-19th century lady...

If you want to learn more about our nation's history and heritage...

If you want to experience the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of the 1860's...

Or, if you simply wish to learn more about this captivating hobby...

Continue reading!!  We include much more information about joining our unit, the equipment required and the costs involved, and period impressions on this page.  Of course, there is far more to reenacting than we could hope to include on this page.  If you want even more information, visit the Contact page and call, write, or email for more information.  If you have already decided that this hobby is for you, print out and mail our Application Form to the address listed on the Contact page.

The 9th New York, Company B helps prospective new members by having more experienced reenactors show them the ropes.  They teach practical aspects of reenacting, equipment procurement, and the organization's authenticity standards.  We have several meetings during the winter months and gather around the campfire during the summer evenings at reenactments to discuss regimental issues as well as just have general friendly conversation.  We welcome any and all new members at any time.

We understand that not everybody has been to a Civil War Reenactment before.  If you haven't, we encourage you to visit our Events page in order to find a reenactment near you to visit.  Even if you have visited reenactments as a spectator before, you might not know what else the reenactors do outside of the hours the camp is open.  So, if you think you might be interested in joining us, or just want to know more about what a Civil War Reenactment is like, please click on the link below.

What We Do at Reenactments

The 9th is constantly on the lookout for new recruits and welcomes anyone who shares our interest in Civil War Cavalry.  We are a family organization and most events that we attend have activities for all members of the family.  The ladies especially enjoy the Teas, Fashion Shows, and Military Balls.  Women can also act as part of the U.S. Sanitary Commission, the Christian Commission, camp followers, laundresses, cooks, spies and many more.  It is even possible (and historically accurate) for some women to disguise themselves as men and go right into the battle line.

If you are interested in Civil War reenacting as a hobby, it is important to understand that the cost can be a factor.  While it is not out of line with many forms of recreation, and is a lot less expensive than many other hobbies, there is the financial aspect to consider.  The members of the 9th understand this and will do all that we can to help those interested to put their kit (uniform and accoutrements) together.

This hobby requires an initial outlay of money to get yourself equipped, but it is relatively inexpensive from then on.  Once you are equipped, all you have to do is get to the event; you sleep in a tent and you bring your own food.  Motels and restaurants are not normally a factor (unless you so choose to sleep and dine off-site).  The process of equipping can take as long as one year to complete, unless you can afford the entire cost all at once.  It is perfectly acceptable to spread purchases out, many members acquire extra gear over time that can be loaned on a temporary basis to newer members.  There are a number of sutlers (period merchants to the military) who can supply all of the items that are needed. It is highly advisable to contact us directly before purchasing anything.  The last thing you want to do when equipping yourself is to have to purchase an item twice because it is the wrong style or from the wrong time period.  Let the buyer beware!!

We have included, for reference, an equipment list in order to give you an estimate of the equipment involved and approximate prices.  If a member of your family is handy with a sewing machine, it is also to make much of the clothing, as long as you use period correct materials.  Again, be sure to get in contact with somebody from the 9th before purchasing anything.  Be warned, the patterns available are often not for the faint of heart!  This list is for the average cavalry trooper.  If you would like to know what would be needed for civilian impressions, you will have to contact us. 

Equipment List

Your Civil War Portrayal

Most reenactors assume a role, or "first-person impression," as a 19th century individual. What portrayal is best for you?  You decide.  Military impressions are varied.  Most male members over the age of 16 portray cavalry troopers of the 9th New York Cavalry Cavalry Company "B" and fight as dismounted cavalry on the skirmish line during reenactments. We are strictly a dismounted unit.  We do not ride horses because they are expensive and most small reenactments severely restrict or forbid their use.  Furthermore, cavalry soldiers of both sides fought from horseback rarely.  It was far more common to dismount to fight, using the horses only to get to the battlefield quickly.  Other military impressions include medical personnel and "staff" personnel who would provide a function within the unit but who would not necessarily be on the main battle line.  Non-military impressions include portrayals of civilian ladies and gentlemen of the era.  The role of a civilian affords one an almost infinite number of opportunities.  Some examples include Soldiers' Aid Society and laundress impressions, civilian businessmen, politicians, or 1860's craftsmen.  Civilian reenactors are limited only by their imagination and those occupations which are accurate to the Civil War era.

Joining Us

If you're still with us, it is conceivable that you have at least a little interest in becoming a Civil War reenactor.  If you think this hobby is for you, print out and mail our Application Form to the address listed on the Contact page.  Or, bring it with you when you visit us at our next reenactment.  Find out when that is on our Events page.