Equipment List

Here is a listing of the uniform items and approximate cost. This should only be used as a guideline, as each merchant's prices will vary. Each piece is listed in the approximate order of importance.  While the "alternate" equipment listed for lower prices is perfectly acceptable, keep in mind that some items are more desirable than others and you may want to go back and purchase the more expensive item at a later time, so it may be wiser to purchase the primary item in the first place.  Also, remember that the prices provided are approximate and some may be dated.  In addition, the prices listed for some items may be on the lower end of the price scale, and you may want to purchase a higher quality item.  Remember, especially if you are a new reenactor, check with somebody from the unit before you purchase anything.  Use the contact page to verify the acceptability of an item prior to purchase.  Any item with a hyperlink, you can click to see a photo.

The Basics

The Weaponry

The original 9th New York carried Sharps & Hankins carbines.  However, there currently is no source for reproductions of this weapon.  Originals can be used, but they are hard to come by and are costly.  The most accurate substitute for Union Cavalry, especially for the early war, is a Sharps Carbine, perhaps the most commonly issued cavalry weapon of the war.  A Spencer Carbine is also very appropriate for late war impressions, as nearly the entire Union Cavalry had been issued them by the Spring of 1865.

Enfield Musketoon - $500
Sharps Carbine - $750
Smith Carbine (cavalry version) - $750

The following are needed to complement the above weapons:
Carbine Sling and Swivel Snap - $45
Carbine Cartridge Box - $40
Cap Pouch - $25


Henry Rifle - $1050
Cartridge Box with Sling - $95


Spencer Carbine - $1050
Blakeslee Box - $250
 Carbine Sling and Swivel Snap - $40

Note:  Both the Henry and Spencer are modern cartridge weapons, and you will need to invest additional funds into the reloading equipment required to make blanks.  Please see the Publications page for articles about using these weapons for reenacting and how one of our members makes his blanks for them.

The Extras

  • Tent (with stakes and poles) - $160
  • Rubber blanket or poncho - $45
  • Revolver - $180
  • Revolver Holster - $35
  • Saber (1860 Light Cavalry) - $135
  • Brass Hat Insignia (Crossed Sabers, "9", "B") - $10
  • Blanket - $50
  • Gauntlets - $35
  • Lantern - $24
  • Spurs and straps - $30
  • Great Coat - $250


Additional Items

  • Period glasses
  • Ear plugs
  • Cast Iron Frying Pan
  • Pocket Testament
  • Pocket Watch
  • Hatchet
  • Knife
  • Handkerchief
  • Folding Cot
  • Many other items, too innumerable to list here!

Please remember, contact us before purchasing anything.  If you do decide that you are going to join us and begin putting your kit together, you can find a list of reputable sutlers on our Links page.

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